Innovation to exploit big data of power systems

Classification of power quality

Prediction of power quality

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By automising classification of power quality coupled with state-of-the-art machine learning, one can utilise the enormous amount of data in our power- systems and grids. This allows for optimised intelligence in energy systems and analytics.

  • Analyse usage and find patterns (trends of e.g. capacity)
  • Predict peak demands 
  • Detect and monitor non-technical losses 
  • Planning and sizing of grids – find optimal dimensioning


Our innovation unlocks the feature of finding root causes to disturbances. This makes it possible to tell how technology affect the grid and as result, each other. 

  • Analyse components health e.g. switches 
  • Electrical component failure prediction
  • Analyse the root-cause and detect components causing the disturbance


Eneryield have the ability to predict power quality. Thus we can control components more effectively, raising the capacity, lowering disturbances and prolong the life length of components. 

  • Improved compensation 
  • Intelligent control