Eneryield one of the startups receiving Vinnova: Innovativa Startups

23rd October

Vinnova Innovativa Startups is an offer aimed at companies that want to develop prototypes, develop business models, or create strategies to protect the company's solution. This year 93 startup companies got to share SEK 28 million. An important focus are innovative startups focusing on tech and with the ability to contribute to UN’s sustainable development goals. Eneryield were one of the startups fulfilling these criterias and receives funding for a project that shall contribute to Eneryield's company building.

As an early stage company, Eneryield needs to verify its technology with potential customers, develop a first prototype and strengthen its control position by developing an IP strategy. The contribution from Vinnova will be to significant help to achieve such.

“Stödet gör det möjligt för unga företag med riskfyllda projekt att prova sina idéer och komma en bit på vägen att hitta en investerare, kund eller partner.”
– Emelie Falk, ansvarig för utlysningen på Vinnova. Läs mer här.
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