Intelligent energy analytics.

AI-based technologies for electric power systems

  • Fault forecasting
  • Root cause identification of faults
  • Fault localization
  • Life-time estimation of assets
  • Energy loss estimation
  • Grid health assessment
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What we do


Fault forecasting

Use ML-based solutions to predict incipient faults and failures in assets of electric power systems, e.g. in underground, underwater and overhead power lines and transformers.


Grid health and analytics

Grid health assessment, root cause identification and localization of Power Quality problems, e.g. faults and failures.



AI-based solutions towards minimizing energy losses due to Power Quality problems.

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Our product
Interactive GUI.


Explore historical data and trends intuitively.


Access fine-grained AI-powered analytics and forecasts.


Access the underlying features in the data that trigger the forecast through state-of-art explainability.

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June 2024

Eneryield raises seed funding from ABB and Chalmers Ventures

Eneryield, founded in 2019 by Johan Rådemar, Ebrahim Balouji (Ph.D, Ph.D) and Karl Bäckström (Ph.D.), has successfully raised seed funding from ABB and Chalmers Ventures to enhance their predictive technology for power outages. Read more (LinkedIn)

May 2024

Marco Nunes joins the Eneryield Board

Marco Nunes, Global Grid EDGE & Cloud Manager at ABB Grid Components, joins Eneryield as a Board Member. Read more (LinkedIn)

April 2024

Eneryield makes the Swedish Climate Startup Map list

Eneryield makes the the Swedish Climate Startup Map list that highlights startups and scaleups working on sustainable solutions to tackle climate challenges. Read more (LinkedIn)

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